Why i use Tinyimage

Why should I use Tinyimage?

It is useful because it's the only widely supported format that can store partially transparent images. The format uses compression, but the files can still be large. Use Tinyimage to shrink images for your application. It will use less bandwidth and load faster. JPEG and PNG is the most popular format for photos on your applications. Many files do not use optimal compression, wasting valuable bytes. It Balances quality and small sized files used to be a time consuming task. Now, no anymore. When you upload a file, the image is analyzed. Textures, patterns and colors are automatically identified. The encoder creates an optimally compressed image file based on that information. The final result is compared with the original and fine-tuned. Distracting artifacts are minimized without big sacrifices in file size. Unnecessary metadata is stripped as well. You will get a compressed image.

How does it work?

Our images reduces file size of your jpeg and jpg images. Every uploaded image is scrutinized and analyzed to most encoded file. Based on your image an optional strategy is worked out. The end product is quality of image with no wastage of memory.

When you upload a file, similar colors in your image are combined. This technique is called “quantization”. By reducing the number of colors, 24-bit files can be converted too much smaller 8-bit indexed color images. All unnecessary metadata is stripped too. The result better files with 100% support for transparency. Use the optimized image to save bandwidth and loading time and your website visitors will thank you.

How it Work?
How it Work?

Can anyone tell the difference?

Let me give you a side by side comparison. Let me give you a side by side comparison. The file size is reduced by more than 70%!

What does Tinyimage do?

Tinyimage uses smart compression techniques to reduce the file size of your files. By selectively decreasing the number of colors in the image, fewer bytes are required to store the data. The effect is nearly invisible but it makes a very large difference in file size. Tinyimage reduces the file size of your images. Every uploaded image is scrutinized and analyzed to apply the best possible encoding. Based on the content of your image an optimal strategy is chosen. The result is a quality image with no wastage in storage or bandwidth!

How it Work?